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L3 Full Gigabit/10Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch

High Reliability, High Speed and Compact Form Factor


Industrial Unmanaged Power over Ethernet Switche supports up to 30W output per port.

Low cost, High reliability Power over Ethernet Solution


Layer 3 Full Gigabit 28-port Industrial Ethernet Switch, Comply with IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613 standards

High-speed, Robust 10Gigabit Core


L2 Managed Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch

Features rich, Easy to use, Excellent cost-price ratio


Unmanaged Full Gigabit Industrial Ethernet Switch

Low Cost, Plug-and-Play

Who Are We

iETHCOM® is a modern ISO9001 certified company specialized in the development, production, manufacturing and sale of highly reliable industrial communication products. iETHCOM® was established by a number of technical experts who have been working in the field of industrial communication for decades. iETHCOM® is committed to providing highly reliable, secure and cost-effective industrial communication products that empowering the intelligence of power automation, transportation automation, and many more.

Since 2003

20 years of experience in R&D, manufacturing and installation of industrial Ethernet products

Install 10000 +

On-Site Installations

Customers 200 +


Partner 20 +



All our industrial communication equipments are designed for harsh industrial operation environments

Abundant and In-depth Industrial Application Experience

Customer Voices

iETHCOM fully understand the key issues and critical needs of industrial mission critical applications

Provide high quality and reliable state-of-the-art industrial communication products, technologies and services.

iETHCOM helps the construction of this "The Belt and Road" key project and is a trustworthy long-term partner.

Mr. Wang - Project Manager of a large state-owned enterprise's overseas Project

iETHCOM is recognized by international customers

James - Site Engineer


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